" There is a 'can' in cancer, because we 'can' beat it ! "
2017-08-24 /

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Head and Neck Awareness Day

On the occasion of World "Head and Neck Awareness Day" on 27th July`, Suyog Cancer Clinics organised an interactive session and free oral screening  for the Thane city  police.To a packed audience at the City Commissioner's office hall, Dr Hitendra Patil, senior onco-surgeon, introduced this one of its kind clinic, located in Thane, Ghatkopar & Jogeshwari.

Suyog Cancer Clinics is a unique concept of joint consultation with medical oncologist and surgical oncologist.

DCP Dr. Priyanka Naynavare welcomed the doctors and Joint Police Commissioner ~Mr.Madhukar Pandey and Additional Commissioner felicitated the consultants. Dr Amol  Akhade presented on " cancer and its causes`". He stressed on the importance of regular screening ,since cancer if detected in early stage has better chance of cure. He clarified on questions raised by the audience, which included a few cancer survivors.

Dr Rekha Joshi (Maxilofacial Orthoprosthodontists) spoke on association between tobacco consumption and cancer.She emphasized that tobacco consumption, in smoke as well as smokeless forms are both harmful. Passive smoking is also harmful, she informed them.The doctors guided police on how to quit the tobacco habit.

The interactive session was followed with free cancer screening. with lot of apprehension and fear of detection. Suyog cancer Clinics conducted a  survey, which reiterated the fact that tobacco consumption  in both smoke n smokeless form was common among police was very high.

Expressing concern over growing prevalence of tobacco  consumption among schools and colleges students, including culture of hookah bars, the doctors urged the gathered policemen to ensure that there were no paan shops near schools and colleges.

The screened policemen and women, were counselled about the risks associated with these habits.Incidence of pre-cancerous lesions were found in two cases, who were advised to follow up at the Clinic.The doctors offered free consultation to the police staff of thane on this occasion.