" There is a 'can' in cancer, because we 'can' beat it ! "
2017-09-18 /

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Learn the ABCs of Cancer -Empowering towards healthy living

Recently, Suyog Cancer Clinics conducted a cancer awareness programme in Euroschool, Airoli for its staff.

We, at Suyog Cancer Clinics, believe that “Health is not merely an absence of illness” and the role of doctors is not limited to treating illnesses. Doctors have a greater role in prevention and promotion of health in society. Hence, as cancer specialists, we believe that it is our social responsibility to raise awareness on cancer, dispel myths, fears, and misconceptions related to this “dreaded” illness, along with encouraging people to the regular screening.

With this aim, Suyog cancer Clinics took a special interactive session for the school staff.

“Learn the ABCs of Cancer

                                                          -Empowering towards healthy living”

The objective of the campaign is:

  • To create awareness of the disease.
  • To help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer, thus enabling them to seek treatment at an early stage.
  • To educate people about the key risk factors of cancer
  • To encourage simple lifestyle changes to prevent cancer
  • To inform people about the importance of regular screening



At this well-attended event, the school staff raised and sought clarification about this illness.